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Cloud 9 Mattresses, Bedding, Pillows & Accessories Store in St. Charles, MO

Start each new day feeling vibrant and refreshed with excellent sleep products from Cloud 9 Bed and Mattress Company in Wentzville, Missouri. Cloud 9 Mattress Company, Inc. is the bedding source for St. Charles County. We offer premium mattresses, pillows, bedding, linens, frames, and accessories at prices you are certain not to lose sleep over!

Shop our huge selection of high-quality mattresses, memory foam, latex mattresses, bedding, pillows, power based adjustable beds, metal frames, sheets, mattress protectors, parts, and accessories. We keep a large inventory for easy pickup and fast, professional delivery with setup. We are confident you are going to trust our quality and love our prices!

Offering a Wide Selection of Affordable Mattresses & Bedding, Including:

Youth Mattresses & Bedding

With prices starting as low as $49.50 for Twin Mattresses and the vast array of product available we find no one is competitive with our pricing and selection. We have every size mattress to fit the specific size, age and shape of your child or young adult.

Serta Mattresses

Cloud 9 Mattress Company in St. Charles County is one of the areas largest Serta dealers. At Cloud 9 Mattress, we pride ourselves on a large selection of America’s Number 1 Mattress Company’s selection and price. Serta’s reputation and knowledge in the sleep industry continue to set the stage for the bedding industry and Cloud 9 Mattress Co is a proud partner in their journey. With the wide array of feels and pricing we can fit almost any need. With Premium Sets in queen under $400 its no wonder Cloud 9 leads the industry in Serta Mattress sales and service!

Hotel Series Mattresses

Our Hotel Series which includes turn-able and flippable mattress beds are also a strength at Cloud 9 Mattress Company. Most people think the day of the flippable mattress is behind us, but the finest hotels in the country still feature these fine beds, and Cloud 9 has a full selection for your needs. Major chains share our beds, and if you have ever had an incredible nights rest at The Hampton Inn or Venetian Hotels, you may have slept on the same beds!

Cool Gel Infused Memory Foam

One of the most popular and fastest growing Mattress categories is the Cool Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress. Enjoy a temperature controlled nights sleep, and the comfort of an uplifting and fast responding mattress. With Cool Gel Infused Mattress prices starting as low as $398 in Queen Mattress its no wonder Cloud 9 leads the way in the industry. Choose from several different feels and mattress firmness.

Natural Latex Mattresses

For the ultimate pressure relief and spinal alignment try our Pure latex mattresses. Rated by most of the experts in the country as the “Finest Sleep Surface Available in the United States”, we carry the best of the best… Pure Latex Bliss… For people who wish to enjoy the finest sleeping surface and one of the longest lasting beds available in today’s market, we highly recommend trying this category of mattress.

Comfort4U Numbered Adjustable Beds

Another fast growing category is the sleep Comfort4U Numbered Beds. Adjust your bed to your desired comfort, and your partner can do the same to their side with the click of a button. Unlike most of the numbered sleep system available in the market today, Cloud 9 is happy to offer a zoned number bed system so you can support your hips with one pressure level and soften or harden the shoulders and leg areas by simply changing your numbered settings. If a long days work has your back feeling the need for a more supportive surface, you’re just seconds away from completely changing the feel of your bed!

Power Based Adjustable Beds

Adjustable or power based beds are another one of our strengths at Cloud 9 Mattress Company, and we have several to choose from for you health and budget needs. With pricing as low as $697 for a Queen Power Based Adjustable Bed, its no wonder Cloud 9 is a leader in power based bed sales! Enjoy something as simple as raising your head and feet while you lay in your bed, or decide to invest a little more and get a full body massage and total pressure relief with all the health benefits that come with sleeping on the ultimate sleep base available!

Mattress Financing Options Available

At Cloud 9 Mattress Company, we offer two types of financing options on new bedding and mattress purchases: Up to 24 Free Financing & No Credit Needed Financing. Click Here for details on financing your next Mattress with Cloud9 Mattress Company!


Sleep Product Brands We Carry:

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Serta Mattress i Series Support Mattress

Serta Mattress i Comfort System

Pure Latex Bliss Natural Latex Mattress

Spring Air mattress collection

Comfort 4U Cooling Memory Foam Mattresses

Englander Mattresses

USA Sleep Systems

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